Imagine of a hideaway place where you can live
with serene nature…
your own home resort most people can only dream about.

Wake up to view the natural beauty of Khao Yai
in a beautiful private home resort. Pamper yourself with
the ultimate relaxation and calm your soul with ozone to
activate your life again.

your soul and nature will be combined as one and
you’ll discover the true happiness in the private sanctuary.
To own ‘the most precious gift to life’ is our attempt
to build the best home resort for you.

Welcome to the Paradise on Earth
On the 7th kilometer of Pakchong-Khao Yai Road,
lies the VINCENTO Khao Yai, the home resort project
on the perfect plot of land with beautiful landscapes…
the ‘Civilize Hill’ on the background setting,
the all-year-round natural stream and the enclave tranquil
community of 59 ‘Modern European’home resorts.

Everyday Blissful Relaxation for Entirely Energized
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